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What is ESW?

ESW is a project-based organization dedicated to creating solutions to local and global sustainability challenges. We're a non-profit network of 50+ collegiate chapters across North America with over 1,750 members and 2,500 alumni.

Our mission:

  • Design and implement projects at Texas A&M and in Bryan - College Station.

  • Educate students and the community on sustainable initiatives.

  • Unite people who are passionate about sustainability to create a global network.

Meet The ESW Team

Our History

The purpose of this organization is to create a world of environmental, social and economic prosperity through implementing engineering principles in philanthropic efforts to design, educate, and build for the community.

Engineers for a Sustainable World, or ESW, is a national nonprofit organization with 40+ student chapters at universities across the country and a handful of professional chapters. The ESW Texas A&M Chapter was founded in 2016, and as a new organization, we aim to educate the next generation of engineers/scientists about sustainability through hands-on projects and community outreach programs. ESW will accomplish its three pillars "design, educate and build" through devoting the application of engineering principles to the betterment of society.  Once per year, the local chapters of ESW gather at a national convention to discuss ideas, collaborate, and work together to bring their vision of a sustainable world closer to a reality. ​​​

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